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Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

Trip Protector Plus will provide you with the widest range of reasons for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay and missed connection coverage, and the highest medical and evacuation cost coverage.  Rental car damage is also included, as is baggage loss and delay.  Pre-existing medical conditions may be covered if travel insurance is purchased within 21 days of deposit. Cancel for Any Reason coverage is available (if available in your state - not available in NY) if purchased within 21 days after the initial trip deposit.

Eligibility for Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) and other time sensitive benefits are based on the initial payment/deposit for the originally scheduled trip, for which cash was paid, and not the date the Future Travel Credit (FTC) was applied towards the trip, if such a travel credit was used.

Renewable Policy
Available for resident state of Washington, Oregon, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri.
100% Trip Cost
150% Trip Cost
75% Trip Cost
$100,000 ($750 Dental)
Medical Deductible
Acute Onset of Pre-Ex
$500 (3 hours)
$1,000 (3 hours)
$1,000 (6 hours, $200/day)
$2,000 (6 hours, $200/day)
$300 (12 hours)
$600 (12 hours)
Hazardous Sports
Amateur Sports
Common Carrier AD&D

Other plans by Travel Insured International

Worldwide Trip Protector

The Worldwide Trip Protector plan provides free coverage for children age 17 and under when traveling with an insured related adult.  The plan provides coverage for Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Travel Delay, Baggage and Travel Accident Protection.  Additional coverage for medical expense, medical evacuation and repatriation.  You may also be eligible for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if the policy is purchased within 21 days after your initial trip deposit.

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite

Trip Protector Lite will provide you with coverage for trip and flight cancellation, travel delay, and missed connection.  Baggage and Travel Accident Protection included. Medical and evacuation coverage are also part of this policy.  Children are covered at a discounted rate when traveling with an insured adult.

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