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Claims Information

To report a claim, return the information detailed on the claim form, along with your original, signed claim form to iTravelInsured®, Inc. A delay in the processing of the claim may occur if the claim form is not completed.  Proof of claim must be submitted within 90 days of the date of loss unless your state mandates otherwise.  It is a crime as defined by applicable state law for any person to provide false or misleading information to an insurer for the purpose or intent of defrauding the insurer.  Applicable law may include penalties for imprisonment and/or fines, as well as allowing the insurer to deny benefits and/or rescind any coverage.

For all claims correspondence:

iTravelInsured Claims Department
P.O. Box 88503
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500
Telephone: 1.866.243.7524 or 1.317.655.9798
Fax: 1.317.655.4505

Email: itravelclaims@itravelinsured.com


Notice of Claim: Notice of claim must be reported within 20 days after a loss occurs or as soon as is reasonably possible. Youor someone on Your behalf may give the notice. The notice should be given to the Company or designated representative andshould include sufficient information to identify the Insured.

Claim Forms: When notice of claim is received by the Company or designated representative, forms for filing proof of loss willbe furnished. If these forms are not sent within 15 days, the proof of loss requirements can be met by sending a written statementof what happened. This statement must be received within the time given for filing proof of loss.

Proof of Loss: Proof of loss must be provided within 90 days after the date of the loss or as soon as is reasonably possible.Proof must, however, be furnished no later than 12 months from the time it is otherwise required, except in the absence of legalcapacity.

Time of Payment of Claims: The Company or its designated representative will pay the claim after receipt of acceptable proofof loss.

Payment of Claims: Benefits for loss of life are payable to the Principal Insured, who is the beneficiary for all other Insureds. If:(a) the Principal Insured predeceases You: and (b) a beneficiary is not otherwise designated by the Principal Insured benefits forloss of life will be paid to the first of the following surviving preference beneficiaries:

a. the Principal Insured’s spouse;

b. the Principal Insured’s child or children jointly;

c. Your parents jointly if both are living or the surviving parent if only one survives;

d. Your brothers and sisters jointly; or

e. the Principal Insured’s estate.

All or a portion of all other benefits provided by the Policy may, at the option of the Company, be paid directly to the provider ofthe service(s). All benefits not paid to the provider will be paid to the Principal Insured.

Other than for loss of life, if any benefit is payable to: (a) You or the Principal Insured’s beneficiary who is minor or otherwise notable to give a valid release: or (b) the Principal Insured’s estate: the Company may pay up to $1,000.00 to the Principal Insured’sbeneficiary or any relative to whom the Company finds entitled to the payment. Any payment made in good faith shall fullydischarge the Company to the extent of such payment.

Excess Insurance: The insurance provided by this Policy shall be in excess of all other valid and collectible Insurance orindemnity. If at the time of the occurrence of any loss there is other valid and collectible insurance or indemnity in place, theCompany shall be liable only for the excess of the amount of loss, over the amount of such other insurance or indemnity, andapplicable deductible. Recovery of losses from other parties does not result in a refund of premium paid.

Physician Examination and Autopsy: The Company, at the expense of the Company, may have You examined when and asoften as is reasonable while the claim is pending. The Company may have an autopsy done (at the expense of the Company)where it is not forbidden by law.

Legal Actions: No legal action for a claim can be brought against us until 60 days after we receive proof of loss. No legal actionfor a claim can be brought against us more than 3 years after the time required for giving proof of loss. This 3-year time periodis extended from the date proof of loss is filed and the date the claim is denied in whole or in part.

Concealment and Misrepresentation: The entire coverage will be void, if before, during or after a loss, any material fact orcircumstance relating to this insurance has been concealed or misrepresented.

Other Insurance with the Company: You may be covered under only one travel policy with the Company for each CoveredTrip. If You are covered under more than one such policy, You may select the coverage that is to remain in effect. In the event ofdeath, the selection will be made by the beneficiary or estate. Premiums paid (less claims paid) will be refunded for the duplicatecoverage that does not remain in effect.

Subrogation: If the Company has made a payment for a loss under this coverage, and the person to or for whom paymentwas made has a right to recover damages from the Third Party responsible for the loss, the Company will be subrogated to thatright. You shall help the Company exercise the Company’s rights in any reasonable way that the Company may request: nor doanything after the loss to prejudice the Company’s rights: and in the event You recover damages from the Third Party responsiblefor the loss, the Insured will hold the proceeds of the recover for the Company in trust and reimburse the Company to the extentof the Company’s previous payment for the loss.

Additional Claims Provisions Specific to Baggage

Insured’s Duties After Loss of or Damage to Property or Delay of Baggage: In case of loss, theft, damage or delay of baggageor personal effects, and Insured must:a. take all reasonable steps to protect, save or recover the property:b. promptly notify, in writing, either the police, hotel proprietors, ship lines, airlines, railroad, bus, airport or other station authorities, tour operators or group leaders, or any Common Carrier or bailee who has custody of Your property at the timeof loss:c. produce records needed to verify the claim and its amount, and permit copies to be made:d. provide to the Company, within 90 days from the date of loss, a detailed proof of loss signed and sworn to: ande. be examined, if requested.

Reductions in the Amount of Insurance: The applicable benefit amount will be reduced by the amount of benefits, if any,previously paid for any loss or damage under this coverage for this Covered Trip.