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Notice of Claim: A claimant must give Us or Our authorized representative written (or authorized electronic or telephonic) notice of claim within 90days after any loss covered by the Policy occurs. If notice cannot be given within that time, it must be given as soon as reasonably possible. This noticeshould identify the Covered Person and the Policy Number.

Claim Forms: Upon receiving written notice of claim, We will send claim forms to the claimant within 15 days. If We do not furnish such claim forms,the claimant will satisfy the requirements of written proof of loss by sending the written (or authorized electronic or telephonic) proof as shownbelow. The proof must describe the occurrence, extent and nature of the loss and give authorization to release medical records.

Proof of Loss: Written (or authorized electronic or telephonic) proof of loss must be sent to the agent authorized to receive it. Written (or authorizedelectronic or telephonic) proof must be given within 90 days after the date of loss. If it cannot be provided within that time, it should be sent as soonas reasonably possible. In no event, except in the absence of legal capacity, will proof of loss be accepted if it is sent later than one year from the timeproof is otherwise required.

Claimant Cooperation Provision: Failure of a claimant to cooperate with Us in the administration of a claim may result in the delay or termination of aclaim. Such cooperation includes, but is not limited to, providing any information or documents needed to determine whether benefits are payable orthe actual benefit amount due.

Time Payment of Claims: Benefits for loss covered by the Policy, other than benefits that require periodic payment, will be paid not more than 60days after We receive proper written proof of such loss. Benefits for loss covered by the Policy that require periodic payment shall be paid monthlyprovided that We receive proper written proof of such loss.

Payment of Claims: If the Covered Person dies, any death benefits or other benefits unpaid at the time of the Covered Person’s death will be paid tothe beneficiary. If no beneficiary is on record with Us or Our authorized agent, payment will be made to the first surviving class of the following to theCovered Person’s: 1. spouse; 2. children, in equal shares (If a child is a minor, benefits will be paid to the legal guardian); 3. mother or father; 4. estate. All other benefits due and not assigned will be paid to the Covered Person, if living. Otherwise, the benefits may, at our option, be paid: 1. accordingto the beneficiary designation; or 2. to the Covered Person’s estate. If a benefit due is payable to:1.the Covered Person’s estate; or 2. the CoveredPerson or a beneficiary who is either a minor or is not competent to give a valid release for the payment, We may pay any amount due to some otherperson. The other person will be one who we believe is entitled to the payment and who is related to the Covered Person or the beneficiary by bloodor marriage. We will be relieved of further responsibility to the extent of any payment made in good faith. We may pay benefits directly to anyHospital or person rendering covered services, unless the Covered Person requests otherwise in writing. The Covered Person must make the requestno later than the time he or she files a written proof of loss.

Beneficiary: The Insured may designate a beneficiary. The Insured has the right to change the beneficiary at any time by written (or electronic andtelephonic) notice. If the Insured is a minor, his or her parent or guardian may exercise this right for him or her. The change will be effective when Weor Our authorized agent receive it. When received, the effective date is the date the notice was signed. We are not liable for any payments madebefore the change was received. We cannot attest to the validity of a change. The Insured is the beneficiary for any covered Dependent.

Assignment: At the request of the Covered Person or his or her parent or guardian, if the Covered Person is a minor, medical benefits may be paid tothe provider of service. Any payment made in good faith will end our liability to the extent of the payment.

Physical Examinations And Autopsy: We have the right to have a Doctor of Our choice examine the Covered Person as often as is reasonablynecessary. This section applies when a claim is pending or while benefits are being paid. We also have the right to request an autopsy in the case ofdeath, unless the law forbids it. We will pay the cost of the examination or autopsy.

Legal Actions: No lawsuit or action in equity can be brought to recover on the Policy: 1. before 60 days following the date proof of loss was given toUs; or 2. after 3 years following the date proof of loss is required.

Recovery of Overpayment or Error: If benefits are overpaid, or paid in error, We have the right to recover the amount overpaid, or paid in error, byany or all of the following methods: 1. A request for lump sum payment of the amount overpaid, or paid in error. 2. Reduction of any proceedspayable under the Policy by the amount overpaid, or paid in error. 3. Taking any other action available to Us. Policy terms and conditions are brieflyoutlined in this Description of Coverage. Complete provisions pertaining to this insurance plan are contained in the Master Policy, which is on file withthe Policyholder. In the event of a conflict between this Description of Coverage and the Master Policy, the Master Policy will govern.

Conformity With State Laws: On the effective date of the Policy, any provision that is in conflict with the laws in the state where it is issued isamended to conform to the minimum requirements of such laws.

Not In Lieu Of Workers’ Compensation: The Policy is not a Workers’ Compensation policy. It does not provide Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Fraud Warning: If the Insured Person or any person acting on his/her behalf shall make any claim or statement knowing the same to be false orfraudulent as regards amount or otherwise, then this Insurance shall become void and all claims here under shall be forfeited without refund ofpremium.