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Travelex Insurance

For claims with the following plans:

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Mail:                                                                     TStonebridge / Transamerica Claims Administration Travelex Claims Department                                4600 Witmer Industrial Estates, Suite 6                       Niagara Falls, NY 14305


Notice of Claim: We must be given written notice of claimwithin 30 days after a covered loss occurs. If notice cannot be given withinthat time, it must be given as soon as reasonably possible. Notice may be givento us or to our authorized agent. Notice should include the claimant’s name andenough information to identify him or her.

Claim Forms: When we receive notice of claim, you will besent forms to file proof of loss. If the forms are not sent within 15 daysafter we receive notice, then the claimant will meet the proof of lossrequirements by giving us a written statement of the nature and extent of theloss. This must be sent to us within the time limit stated in the Proof of Lossprovision.

Proof of Loss: Written Proof of Loss must be sent to uswithin 90 days after the date the loss occurs. We will not reduce or deny aclaim if it was not reasonably possible to give us written Proof of Loss withinthe time allowed. In any event, you must give us written Proof of Loss within12 months after the date the loss occurs unless you are legally incapacitated.

Physical Examination and Autopsy: At our expense, we havethe right to have you examined as often as necessary while a claim is pending.At our expense, we may require an autopsy unless the law or your religionforbids it. Legal Actions: No legal action may be brought to recover on theplan within 60 days after written proof of loss has been given. No such actionwill be brought after 3 years from the time written proof of loss is requiredto be given. If a time limit of the plan is less than allowed by the laws ofthe State where you live, the limit is extended to meet the minimum timeallowed by such law.

Payment of Claims: Claims for benefits provided by the planwill be paid as soon as written proof is received. Benefits for loss of lifewill be paid to your estate, or if no estate, to your beneficiary. All otherbenefits are paid directly to you, unless otherwise directed. Any accruedbenefits unpaid at your death will be paid to your estate, or if no estate, toyour beneficiary. If you have assigned your benefits, we will honor theassignment if a signed copy has been filed with us. We are not responsible forthe validity of any assignment.


To facilitate prompt claims settlement:

Trip Cancellation: IMMEDIATELY call your Travel Supplier andthe Claims Administrator, as listed within this Description of Coverage, toreport your cancellation and avoid non-covered expenses due to late reporting.The Claims Administrator will then advise you on how to obtain the appropriateform to be completed by you and the attending Physician. If you fail to notifythe appropriate Travel Supplier and the Claims Administrator of your cancellationwithin 72 hours of becoming aware of the need to cancel, we will pay only thecancellation penalties you were subject to at the time of becoming aware of theneed to cancel. If you are medically unable to notify the appropriate TravelSupplier and the Claims Administrator within 72 hours, you must notify them assoon as medically possible.

Trip Interruption: Obtain medical statements from thedoctors in attendance in the country where Sickness or accident occurred. Thesestatements should give complete diagnosis, stating that the Sickness oraccident prevented traveling on dates contracted. Provide all unusedtransportation tickets, official receipts, etc.

Trip Delay/MissedCruise Connection: Obtain receipts for any additional expenses (i.e.: meals,lodging, etc.) and submit with written documentation from the source whichcaused the delay for verification (i.e.: Common Carrier, police report, etc.).

Baggage: In case of loss, theft, or damage to personalbelongings, immediately contact the hotel manager, tour manager orrepresentative, transportation official, or local police; report occurrence andobtain a written statement. If loss is the responsibility of a common carrier,submit claim first to party responsible; i.e., airline, cruise line, train etc.Provide a copy of the outcome of your claim, along with the written lossstatements, receipts, etc.

Medical Expenses: Obtain receipts from the providers ofservice, etc., stating the amount paid and an incident report listing thediagnosis and treatment. Submit your insurance information to the ClaimsAdministrator so we may recover funds from any medical or other valid andcollectible insurance plan, in which you may be enrolled.