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Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

For claims with the following plans:
ExactCare, ExactCare Value, LuxuryCare, WaveCare

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Claims Information

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection makes the claims process simple.

Claims Questions?

[email protected]

(844) 411 – 2487

Option 5
Email and phone available 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT, Weekdays


24/7 Travel and Medical Assistance

(844) 411 – 2487 


Lost your bags? Trip interrupted or delayed? Option 1.


Is someone hurt? Looking for a hospital? Option 2.


If calling internationally, call collect – (715) 303-6333

Start a Claim


Send your completed form(s) and required documentation to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection via mail, email at [email protected], or online at www.bhtp.com

To start a claim online, log in or create an account on the website or in the BHTP app with the email you indicated on your travel insurance policy. Click “Create a Claim,” then follow the prompts to start the process.


With Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection you choose how you want to get paid. You can save your payment preferences for any approved BHTP claim payments under manage account on the BHTP website. Approved claims can be paid via EFT, PayPal, or check.

Should you have any questions, are unable to download the claim packets, or require assistance, please contact us. We make every effort to ensure the information on this page is complete and accurate. If there is a conflict with the information on this page and the policy, the terms and information on the specific written policy will supersede.

Additional Info

Every claims situation is going to be different, and so there are a few differences in how you will need to respond to them. Please keep in mind that if an emergency arises, contact your insurance company as soon as reasonably possible! Each policy includes a claims phone number and 24-hour assistance phone numbers for both inside and outside of the United States, ensuring that you can get in touch with your insurer at any time. If you are traveling internationally you will need to make a collect call with the out-of-country emergency number.

In a case where you are going to have to cancel your trip prior to departure, contact your insurer immediately. They will advise you on how to proceed with filing the claim and will also inform you of what documentation they will need to see.

If a medical emergency arises while you are traveling, again you will want to contact the company as soon as reasonably possible. The reasons for this are two-fold:

Some companies will require pre-certification, or that you contact the company before receiving medical treatment or having an evacuation performed. Naturally, if you're in a dire medical emergency you would want to seek care immediately and worry about claims once you're stable.

You will need to know what documentation will be most important for you to have with you before returning home.

One fact that cannot be stressed enough is to save your receipts and proof of expenses so that you can be accurately reimbursed, whether it be costs due to a delay of travel for hotel or meal, or medical records for emergency treatment received. This is especially important for medical care received overseas, as it can be incredibly difficult to get this paperwork once you have returned home. For filing a claim, nothing is more important than having accurate documentation for your loss.

After a provider pays a claim to a traveler, they will typically "subrogate" to seek reimbursement from any other collectible sources that may be available. These other sources could be other insurance policies or travel suppliers to recoup some or all of the claim that was paid. The travel insurance plan you purchase will have more details on this in the certificate that Travel Insurance Master emails to the primary traveler.

Sometimes, a claim is denied by the travel insurance company. When this happens, Travel Insurance Master customers have the option to have their claim reviewed by our Customer Care Team.